Wednesday, January 21, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Fatal Stabbing at Virginia Tech

Information at:

The Collegiate Times (the campus newspaper)

The Virginia Tech website. (Go to the "Latest News" section at the bottom. Direct link to the story here).

The Roanoke Times


Planet Blacksburg

Right now this is breaking news, so these sites are updating frequently with new information. WDBJ7 and The Collegiate Times seem to be ahead of the rest.

A quick summary:
According to the news sources, the stabbing took place in the Graduate Student Center (formerly the Donaldson-Brown Hotel and Conference Center) outside the Au bon pain coffee shop, at approximately 7pm. This appears to have been a domestic situation, according to police, and they do have a suspect in custody. The GSC is in lockdown at this time.

Comments on these sites (all but the Tech sites and the Roanoke Times allow comments) show that some people are uneasy, because April 16 started as a "domestic situation" with a "suspect in custody," however, according to the news release on the VT site, police encountered the suspect at the scene, and it appears the attack was witnessed, both completely opposite what happened on the 16th. Both these factors indicate that the situation is truly contained.

I will likely have more tomorrow.

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