Saturday, May 02, 2009

The "Wal-Mart's out of ammo" meme

Well, to join the others, you see here the selection at my local Wally World.

Most of what you see there is rifle ammo. The rest is .22 and revolver ammunition (.44 Magnum and .38 Special). Nothing for semi-auto pistols at all. (The shelf on the far right, that you can only see a corner of, is shotgun shells.)

And, this seems to be a growing phenomenon, too (click to embiggenate).

I don't normally buy ammo at Wally World. It's actually my fourth choice when I'm looking for ammo. I try to support my local gun shop. Unfortunately, he's been out of .45 and .380 for a while, now. He actually has a waiting list for certain calibers, and when he gets a shipment I don't think he gets all the way through the list before he's out again.

The other local gun shop (that's a little farther away than my usual guy) had some .45 last month, but was completely out of .380, too.* The distance isn't really a problem - it's not really very far, comparatively - but their customer service is not as good as my usual place, so I don't really like to go there. I'm just as likely to go to Dick's. I expect a lower level of customer service there, so I'm not as disappointed.

It'll sure be nice when this shortage is over.

* (This was before I traded the Colt .25 for the Kel-Tec, so I did get to feed both my guns on that trip. I also learned why Wolf ammo is so much cheaper than everything else - and how badly it sucks.)


Firehand said...

.380 is just about nonexistent everywhere. Last I saw at any store here in Oklahoma City was two boxes of Cor-Bon at a store; everywhere else, for the last few months, you're damn lucky to see a box of ball.

Everyone who carries reloading gear is out of .380 bullets and brass, too.

GunGeek said...

Whoa!! They had both 44Mag and 38Special??? In stock??

Which store is it? I'm firing up the car now. We haven't seen such an event in our stores for a looong time now.

Someone else probably recognized the store and snatched them up by now. sigh.